Friday, 28 May 2010

Grateful for life

This morning, on my way with my roomate to go at her school to get a handcrafted wood furniture that she has made, I walked the same streets than I usually do. But this morning, there were many police cars. A very dramatical car accident, involving three cars had just happened. It seems that a truck, for a reason that I don't know yet, had crossed the opposite course, climbed onto the pavement, crossed a green portion of the park, passed through a bus shelter, to finally crash into two other cars on the next cross street.

For the whole day, I've been having a thought for the poor people who were involved in the accident, trying somehow to send them my best wishes, and hoping - oh so hard - that it has been less dramatical than I was imagining. And I couldn't help but to think that I could have been walking on this pavement, or waiting for the bus in the parc or at the bus shelter, on the car's path...

Tonight, when I came back home, I found out that - thanks God - nobody has lost life, but three people have been seriously injured: a walker, a 20 years old lady who was waiting for the bus, and the driver who has lost the control of his vehicle.

I needed this to remind me that an as ridiculous accident as this one can happen to us at any time, but I'm glad it was not MY time yet. To be grateful for life took even more sens for me today.
I love you all my friends! Live our lives and give love to our loved ones every day which is offered to us!

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