Sunday, 16 May 2010

Thanks to my French friends

Yesterday, I went partying to the appartment of my roommate's boyfriend and friends. Thought I would come back soon at home, but just wanted to go chill out a bit with them. Yeah, right! It appeared that I had a SO great and wonderful time there, dancing like crazy on every type of music, feeling totally free of appearances.

The more liquid that was going through my body, the more I was going faaaar away from the time to go to bed. I finally never get back home that night! I finally fell down early in the morning, and slept on a camping mat for a couple of pretty short hours!

What an awesome and easy-going party that has been! Thank you, buddies, for this memorable time! I wish we had made a video, or took any pictures of this event!


Nothing related, except for the magical instrument that I brought at the party, but I just got the news in: my wonderful -9 months old- little niece started to (kinda tried to) play Djembe too! Alllriiiiight!! Kisses!
P.S. Thanks for the cute picture, Pete!

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