Tuesday, 18 May 2010

What a beautiful day to do gardening!

This afternoon, I've been doing one of my jardinieres, while the nice renovation man was building an additional part to my kitchen's cupboards. I love gardening, it allows me to be fully mind-centered, giving love and carefulness to those plants that bring good smells up to our nose, or good tastes up to our taste buds.

So here is my first fine herbs jardiniere.

And here is the biggest tree of the whole street, which actually is right in front of my appartment, and which gave me shade in this nice and hot day. Can you see the beautiful lilac at my neighbour's place? Each time I open my door, its awesome smell comes to me. I love lilacs!

I wish you to have a very nice "zen moment" in doing your own jardinieres (or garden, I wish I could have one!), if those are not done by now!

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