Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Simple things to do

Since I'm back in Montreal, I've changed one more habit. As everybody, I sometimes do not have the time or the energy to cook myself something. In these cases, I used to pick up the phone and order something to eat... and unfortunately receive a bunch of not recyclable containers.

Since a lot of restaurants are accessible by walk here, I've started to go out and get my meals by myself (I know, sometimes, we just do not feel like going outside, but then I choose a really close restaurant, and do what I can with their menu). I bring with me my own big reusable container and I insist so that they put my take-out order in it. Sometimes, employees look at me with some kind of weird face, but does this really bother me? I do it by convictions, and it makes me happy, so I am cool with their reaction, do my best to explain, and if I still get that weird look, I just reply by a huge smile before going back home to enjoy my "greener" meal. 

This action is not extraordinary, but is still an addition to all the other actions done by you all in all over the world. :)

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