Thursday, 20 May 2010

Lost and found

I’d like to send a special thanks into the universe, to the very kind and honest person who has found my water bottle today.

In this beautiful day, my roommate and I went for a very long walk accross the town, entering into many stores, just to browse for some summer clothes. We always have a water bottle when we go for a long walk. Usually, I prefer to fill it with - of course - water, but in which I add a bit of liquid chlorophyll, with just a drop of some kind of sweetness, like maple syrup or simply stevia.

Unfortunately, what had to happen happened... It's only when the thirst took me, that I realised none of us was holding my very brand new "Supporting Hearth Day 2010" bottle. Confused and sad a bit by this lost, since it is my favorite one for many good reasons, we started to review the entire last hour or so. Just a big blank. We finally had no other choice than return into the largest store we were went. Running around and asking to any employees I was passing by.

Discouraged, I was about to give up, but still decided to ask to this one last person, folding clothes behind a counter. As I was approaching, I perceived this grey metal shape. Seeing my look of astonishment, she exclaims: "Yes! Someone has found it!" Nothing but gratitude and joyfulness came over me. All the customers around could certainly feel it! At least, I saw a smile emerging on some faces, while I was proudly brandishing it. YES!

I am so surprised to have found it back in such a large store, with such a lot of people!

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