Monday, 3 May 2010


Last weekend was, for my roomate and I, the beginning of our final move into our new appartment. It will continue tomorrow with all my boxes that are coming from Abitibi, where I lived during the past year. With all this bedlam, our washer and dryer machines are not connected yet, because some renovations are still to be done. Thus, for the second time this week, after dinner, I grab my roomate's laptop and a bag of clothes, and I go to this laundromat at a short distance by walk, which is attached to a cybercafe, from where I am writing this post while eating my dessert.

This will probably sounds strange to many of you, but I had never been in a laundromat before! And I am actually getting a lot of fun at it! Ok, probably that knowing the fact that this is a temporary situation makes a difference in how I appreciate it... But in this current situation, this is a new way for me to get in touch with the people in my new neighborhood, in talking to them while folding clothes: why not?!

Have a great week everyone!

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